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Why Organic ?

Why Organic?
There is no doubt today that the benefits of Organic beauty products outweigh the harmful effects of chemicals induced beauty care products by miles and all that with zero drawbacks. By using Organic beauty care products, you are not only keeping your skin safe from harmful chemicals, biocide, nanosilver , triclosan, petrochemicals ,phthalates , endocrine-hormone disruptors, cancer agents, environmental pollutants but also help build a better ecology by choosing organic farming and products developed using eco-friendly and natural processes.

It’s a proven and scientific fact that Chemical based products are a reason for diseases – disorders ranging from types of cancers to hormonal dysfunctions like obesity , early puberty , increased infertility , birth defects. On the other hand Organic products are chemical free and safe for all skin types therefore they are not only great for sensitive skin but require no animal testing either.

So why not be gentle on your skin and give organic a chance ?

why organic
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