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Reward & Recognitions

1.Organic Harvest has been selected as India’s Most Promising Brands 2016. India’s Most Promising Brands 2016 is a brand project which represents the most credible, transparent and differentiated standard of brand research. The research has been conducted through rigorous research parameters involving secondary as well as primary research.
WCRC conducted an in-depth research to list the India's Most Promising Brands 2016, India's talking-point brands which have shown tremendous promise and growth over the past few years and have been able to create a huge impact on the minds of consumers.
Phase 1: The research was initiated by generating a list of approximately 500 brands across the various categories which were developed through secondary research driven by ibrands 360 research team via: Market studies, Industry white papers, Category-specific brand reports, Brand-specific scrutiny.
Phase 2: In Phase 2, the preliminary list generated in Phase 1 was examined and distilled through a comprehensive in depth primary survey which was conducted pan-India on the parameters like :
-Brand Promise/Growth- Year-on-year growth over the past years in terms of network, reach, brand penetration and the promise that the brand holds.
-Brand Perception and Goodwill- Goodwill the brand holds and is it perceived favorably amongst its consumers.
-Market Acceptance- The brand should be a part of everyday life for the relevant market segment, and is it on the consumers list of choice's for that product or services.
-Network of Operations- Presence of the company in India and And other parameters like Brand Recall, Brand Image, Brand Visibility and Brand Penetration.
Final Phase: The final phase of the research comprised of the analysis of Phase 2 and phase I, the same would be evaluated in the final phase of research. The FINAL 100 Brands of “India’s Most Promising Brands” would be thus prepared.
As our brand has now been selected it would be felicitated and awarded at the grand launch in Goa Leela Hotel on the August 30th 2016.

2. Organic Harvest has been awarded as the 'Green Business of the year' in 2017 by Small Business Awards, 6th national award for small and emerging business.
Small Makes it a Big Difference! While Native to Glocal is the buzz word and the vision statements are overtaken with action-led approaches, the pioneers who guided us through the tough times and achieved path breaking milestones, it is time for us to pay tribute to those Business Bravehearts!
Small Business Award 2017 is the glorious opportunity for your business to get countrywide acclaim and recognition. Considered as the most coveted awards show complementing the league's best across SMEs, SMB and new and emerging small scale ventures, Small Business Awards 2017 is bound to leap ahead the achievers across sectors and sub-sectors.

3. Organic Harvest's Exfoliating Face Scrub has been voted as best scrub across India by Elle India
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